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Trusts are complex and the law of trusts is changing and evolving at a rapid pace.

Trusts are one of the most flexible and effective structures available for long term wealth
management and can be used to hold all types of assets. But with Courts showing a
willingness to look through Trusts that have not been properly structured or administered,
obtaining expert advice has never been more important.

Patterson Hopkins is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading advisers in this area. We
can assist with all aspects of Trust law including creation, administration, variation and
winding up, as well as the rights and obligations of the various parties.
Whether you are the settlor of a trust, a trustee or a beneficiary our Team has in depth
knowledge and experience of the issues.

Talk to us about -​

creation of trusts

advising trustees on their obligations

ongoing administration of existing trusts

review and variation of trust terms

changes of trustees

beneficiary rights

winding up re restructure of existing trusts

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